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Enhanced Stability

Only Quingo offers the world 5 wheel stability system which means a better turning radius without comprimising agility. It means superior control on inclines and kerbs, Quingo’s forward sitting position means safer weight distribution for hills and bumps. Even in extreme situations Quingo’s active tri-wheel steering easily navigates and stabilises on uneven gradients smoothly and safely.

Unequalled Agility

Quingo has a turning radius of 107cm, this means safer and tighter turning in shops and confined spaces. When directly compared to a 4 wheel scooter of comparable length, Quingo not only enjoys vastly improved manoeuvrability, it means significantly less reversing and fewer 3 point turns are required. This means safer agility in small local shops and malls or in any area where space is limited. Due to his width it can pass every door.

Safer kerb handling

Kerbs are an unavoidable menace to any scooter rider. Many scooters handle kerbs when approaching head on, only the Quingo 5 wheel system offers the ability to climb and descend kerbs at angles, it is designed to cope with kerbs at 45′′ degree angles up to 3 inches. It works equally well going up kerbs as well as coming down. In addition Quingos’ Kerbmaster prevents tipping and eliminates beaching.

Better Comfort

With Quingo’s feet forward adaptive footplates the advantages are clear. Quingo is the only scooter range that offers adaptive footplates and full ergonomic posture control, providing superior comfort even on longer journeys. This means less stress for back, hips, knees and ankle joints with its precise leg and foot positioning. Quingo Scooters have 80% more foot space than an equivalent length of a 4 wheel scooter which will give the best possible anatomical driving position.

Superior Adaptability

Only Quingo has posture control with adaptive footplates, it means feet and legs can be supported independently and precisely. Quingo offers a staggering 80% more foot space, with adjustments in multiple areas to ensure a natural and comfortable ride with maximum comfort for every journey. Quingo models offer a specifically advanced seat slide which offers more access space when it is needed.


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  • All of our products are CE certified and FDA approved.


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